MATER-BI products can simplify and reduce the management of plastic waste in agriculture. Some examples of biodegradable in soil and compostable MATER-BI agricultural products are mulch film, bindings (thread), pheromone dispensers (pest control clips). These innovative products biodegrade into the soil without harmful residue; this eliminates the removal and disposal costs associated with traditional plastic products. Other products such as flower pots, are compostable at the end of their use

MATER-BI mulching film

MATER-BI mulch film provides an agronomical and environmentally efficient alternative to traditional plastic mulch film. Years of data by research centers and universities worldwide and use by growers in the field have proved that MATER-BI works as well as traditional plastic films, and has the following advantages:
  • It is applied with the same machinery.
  • It controls weeds efficiently, leading to improved produce yields.
  • It gains the same yield (in terms of quality and quality of crop) as a traditional plastic mulch film.
  • It does not have to be removed at the end of the season, but must be tilled into the soil.
  • It It turns into water and carbon dioxide and organic matter.
  • It saves time and labor costs associated with removing and disposal of plastic mulch film.
  • It will not leave harmful residue in the soil.

MATER-BI mulch film is the first compostable mulch film to be awarded the “OK Biodegradable Soil” standard issued by TUV AUSTRIA. Their standard fully complies with existing international standards: UNIEN 13432:2002, UNIEN 14995:2007, and ASTM 6400:04. It also complies with the Italian standard UNI I49:2013 and French standard NFU52-001.

Case History: MATER-BI mulch film in North America 

NOVAMONT North America collaborates with Canadian firm Dubois Agrinovation in order to offer Bio360 mulch films made of MATER-BI biodegradable and compostable bioplastics throughout North America market. With its expertise earned since 1980, Dubois Agrinovation has become the leader in the distribution and development of plasticulture products in North America. MATER-BI mulch film was introduced in North America in 2005 and the interest for this unique biodegradable and compostable mulch film has been continuously increasing over the years.

Since 2005 MATER-BI mulch film have been tested in North American University and Research centers, as a possible alternative to traditional plastic mulch films. In Cornell University Prof. Anu Rangarajan (Department of Agriculture), has studied the field behavior of MATER-BI biodegradable mulch showning that it performed comparably to black plastic in raising soil temperatures. Melon yields in comparative trials were also equivalent to those grown on black plastic mulch. (
Michael Orzolek from Penn State University has demonstrated that MATER-BI mulch produces equivalent marketable yields of most specialty horticultural crops compared to standard plastic mulch (  

The growers have shown a real interest in using MATER-BI biodegradable mulches on different crops and different areas. 

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