Novamont North America

Living chemistry for quality of life

NOVAMONT is a leader in the world of bioplastics. It promotes a new model of bioeconomy in the logic of the circular economy, not only based on efficiency and sustainable use of renewable resources, but also as a factor for territorial regeneration

NOVAMONT’s circular bioeconomy model:
  • Starts locally
  • Converts non competitive industrial sites into integrated biorefineries
  • Respects the specific characteristics and biodiversity of the local area
  • Partners with all the stakeholders in the value chain
  • Combines a cultural approach with an industrial approach to create jobs and competitiveness
  • Maximizes local skills and implements training programs at every level

NOVAMONT has been active in North America since 2008. NOVAMONT North America’s goal has always been to market MATER-BI bioplastics while creating awareness and understanding of the crucial role those biodegradable biosourced materials must play in a circular economy.

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