Novamont North America Celebrates Earth Day 2021

  Wednesday 21 April 2021

Novamont North America Celebrates Earth Day 2021

This year Novamont North America is celebrating Earth Day with a large slice of “compost” cake!
Watch the instructional video on how to make this fantastic cake. The recipe sheet is posted below!

Novamont North America supports Earth Day and positive action for the environment.
The Novamont bioeconomic model is based on efficient use of resources and territorial regeneration. Our bioplastics and bioproducts, which are made from renewable origins, facilitate the management of organic waste and prevent the degradation of agricultural soils and water pollution. 
We also promote good agricultural practices, such as the use of compost - an organic soil improver that can naturally restore soil fertility.
Find out more about the Novamont bioeconomic model: Our Pillars

Compost cake

Download the recipe sheet.