Novamont’s Circular Bioeconomy Model to be Presented at the University of Rhode Island

  Thursday 23 November 2023

Novamont’s Circular Bioeconomy Model to be Presented at the University of Rhode Island

As part of the University of Rhode Island’s (URI) ‘Empowering Plastics Solutions’ series of talks, on Thursday, December 7, 5:30 – 7pm EST, Paul Darby and Dan Martens from Novamont North America will present details of Novamont’s Circular Bioeconomy model. The University’s plastics initiative is hosting a series of discussions aimed at sharing information and novel approaches, as well as identifying potential collaborations, among faculty, students, and community and industry partners. 
During these talks, experts and URI community members will explore:

  • Learning from the Past: Discovering how insights from history can guide us toward equitable solutions for tackling plastic pollution in the future.
  • Community-Centric Solutions: Exploring ways to create fair and effective responses to plastic pollution challenges in various communities.
  • Ecosystem Insights: Gaining an understanding of the life cycle of plastics in different ecosystems and how we can reduce their impact.
  • Circular Solutions: Finding out about exciting new approaches to plastic production and management, all within the framework of a circular economy. 
Paul and Dan will provide an overview of different types of bioplastics, including Mater-Bi, how they are manufactured and which applications they are currently being used for. They will share end of life solutions for some of these materials - such as industrial composting and its role in helping to divert municipal food waste from landfill to composting, how this can help alleviate global warming and increase soil health.  Also, new developments in advanced recycling and what happens if materials are leaked into the environment, will be discussed.

Hear about the importance of collaborations and Novamont’s work across the supply chain, from the upstream farmers to the downstream consumer brands and retailers. They will also provide some working examples where policy can have an impact on these types of materials with reference the Whitehouse Executive order on ‘Advancing Biotechnology and Biomanufacturing Innovation for a Sustainable, Safe, and Secure American Bio-economy’ and its impact on future job creation.

Further details about the event, including registration, can be found in the URL link below.